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Office Cleaning

Office CleaningKeeping an office building clean is essential for productivity, health, and general happiness. Offices get dirty for many different reasons - some employees may carry dirt in on their shoes, others may not clean up after themselves at lunch, and sometimes there are simply accidents and spills. Whatever the reasons, it is necessary to keep the office as clean as possible and that’s where professional office cleaning comes in. These days there are so many professionals in the market that can offer you the services you need. You only need to search and find the best professionals who have a good reputation for their work.

There are different times of the day when cleaning can be done. More often, office cleaning is better when done at the end of the day. Your cleaning professionals usually come in and do their work and by the time you come back in the morning for a new day, everything is all set. In case you need their services more frequently, it will cost you more. The size of the office is another factor that determines the cost of office cleaning. You can discuss this with your contractors and then agree on a workable price for the entire job.

While some companies charge a standard per square foot rate for office cleaning of around $0.05 - $5, there are some that will bill you on an hourly basis. You can be charged anything between $10 and $30 an hour for office cleaning, depending on the contractor you choose to work with, and the amount of work that you want them to do. In some cases you can also score some good discount rates, especially when you are committing to a long-term agreement with the cleaning team.


Q. is it necessary that I sign a long term contract with office cleaning professionals?

A. Not necessarily. But if you can, go right ahead. The good thing with long term office cleaning contracts is that you end up paying less for more. Companies that enter into long-term performance contracts usually have a higher chance of a better bargaining agreement than those who go for short term or per-job contracts. You can discuss the options with your contractor, and any incentives that they can give you to encourage you into signing a long-term contract with them.

Q. Why are background checks on employees important for office cleaning?

A. Your office is an important place. Other than the fact that a lot of work gets done here, there is a lot of information that could fall into the wrong hands if leaked, causing significant damages to your clients and your company in general. This is why most of the companies who offer services for office cleaning insist on running background checks on all their employees. Therefore, when they come to your work premise to clean, you can rest assured nothing will go wrong.

Q. What happens if I am not satisfied with the office cleaning?

A. In case you do not approve of the results after office cleaning, you can get in touch with your cleaning company so that they send a supervisor. The supervisor will always come with a team to handle any concerns that you might have, and only leave when they are certain that you are happy with the work they have done.

Q. Are the contractors who offer me office cleaning services properly trained?

A. Yes, they are. All the contractors you come across who offer office cleaning services have passed different levels of training to be accepted into the company and to work in their capacity.

Office Cleaning